Welcome to Soul and Soil!
Soul, soil and society is a holistic trinity proposed by Satish Kumar as reference points for examining the issues that affect us all as we move forward into our new millennium. The soul is the vessel for the old personal development trinity of mind, body and spirit. The individual soul is also a component of a collective soul, and a world soul. Society is the large and small scale interactions and collaborations where we put our declared principals to the test of action. It is the soul in action. And Soil represents the natural world – the earth we come from and return to.
At Soul and Soil we are building a community of bloggers promoting awareness, fun and collaboration using the landmarks of soul, soil and society to guide us. We want to inspire our readers to dig deep into their motivations and the consequences of their choices. So many choices are made by all of us every day with little consideration, making these choices consciously empowers us to affect ourselves, our communities and our world for the better.
We are writing on many topics that we feel inform and entertain, creating a platform for debate and communication. Our current interests include; health and well-being, personal growth, communication and the potential of the internet, media and entertainment and sustainable living. We have many voices, opinions and truths.
We are interested in creative solutions, in enjoying the journey and helping eachother to find our way. Every one of us has their own choices to make. All of us face hundreds of small choices every day and every one of them, no matter how small, has an impact. Those impacts spread like ripples on the surface of a pond and can combine to form waves.
We don’t have all the answers, we don’t even have all the questions but we believe that the way to move forward is to start moving. We would rather adapt and change as we go guided by practical experience and the conversations that our articles inspire with our readers. We welcome the opportunity to continually learn and improve.